Jacqueline Osborn 

Artist’s Statement


        My recent series of figurative paintings represent the glimmer of moments in our past that are just out of reach; elusive moments that reflect a diversity of situations and human emotions. The figure can be anyone, anywhere. Often the faces are obscured, allowing the viewer to see something of themselves in the unfinished story. For example, in “Dressing for Dinner” a man adjusts his tie in the mirror, the invitation and cuff links lie on the dressing table. In “Moment for Reflection” a young couple sit on bar stools in quiet conversation, oblivious to their surroundings. In “Change of Heart” a young man glanses to one side while the woman in the distance turns around to move towards him. These are every day situations — sometimes life altering moments and other times just a whisper of what might yet be.

        I work in my studio in California and my paintings are the result of extensive research and preparation. Sometimes I will use my own photography as an aid for preliminary drawings, but more often I use archival photography. These fascinating images, often poignant and mysterious, can be a wonderful source of inspiration; they are essentially our legacy from times past, whose universal relevance creates the nostalgia in my paintings. The palette also suggests the mood of an era when photography was limited to tones of sepia, inviting the viewer to look even more closely.

        I love to paint, and I love the story-telling nature of my work. Like most artists, not only is something of myself revealed through my work, but it is also a means of self exploration and discovery.

        I grew up in London, completed my art studies there and later moved to Northern California. Sometimes I have a quiet yearning to be home, but for now, through my paintings, I can invite the viewer to take the journey back with me.

Jacqueline Osborn